You have been assembled by the council to assist in discovering plans for a new battle droid being used by the Separatists. For the force users, this will be a chance to advance in the force. For those tech specialist, it will be a chance to utilize your skills and advance your knowledge of the next generation of droids. Payment for services has been worked out individually. You will be meeting at 1620 at the main hanger to depart in a small carrier. You will proceed to the 4th moon of Lannik. There is a small refueling station run by a band of smugglers which is often used by the Separatists Be advised this is close to Hutt Space. Here you will commandeer a Separatist ship and make your way to Honoghr, the droid factory. Beware you will need access codes to get passed the force field of the planet and another for the factory. You may be able to get these from the refueling station or the crew of the ship or outside the factory. We are unsure of where to find these codes, but are quite sure they are needed.

Once you have landed on the planet be aware of the counter measures employed. There will be droids under the command of Lett Minek. Your primary mission is to find the plans of these new droids, second destroy the factory and third apprehend Lett Minek, a high level splicer and return him to Coruscant to stand trial.

Once you leave the moon of Lannik it is imperative that you keep radio silence as we suspect Separatists are monitoring all transmissions, but how this is being done is unknown.

You will have the chance to introduce yourselves on the flight out. Be prepared.

Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

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