Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 10

As the engines fired, the party closed the loading doors and felt the ship enter a normal flight pattern. With a little work they were able to open doors to the bridge and took out the remaining battle droids. Bart, believing he could single handedly fly the ship, threatened to take out the pilots, but thought better of that and instead began downloading the ship’s flight plans. The rest of the party searched for Aja and found her bound in the aft hold. The party made a successful landing “in escape pods” after the pilots had previously ejected. The ship hit the ground and exploded.

The group was rescued by their pilot and taken back to Coruscant where they were healed and sent back to the crash site.

Bart and the group visited one club but after attempting to make an ill placed bet was unable to get more information. Hitsugaya then paid a dancer well for a performance where he recived a happy ending of information. The group left to visit a lower rent establishiment were Bart again attempted to get some more information, but was unsuccessful, except at raising concern of the local patrons. Bart left first and was followed. Hitsugaya and Jeff left to chase the people following Bart and Shayl and Kosh-Varxyn followed last watching another group following Hitsugaya and Jeff. Hitsugaya and Jeff caught up with those following Bart while trying to loose their chasers and began questioning them. Aja produced a large cash of credits which caused the group to give up some information, basically pointing them back to the crash site and the value of the battle droids. Our heroes left at which time, it was discovered that the credits were not real, but our group escaped in the crowd.



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