Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 5

The group had previously returned to Coruscant to report back to the council and return Gar Told. They were told to pursue a lead with a smuggler’s group on Coruscant to discover the whereabouts of Lett. The group met with a smuggler named Bata Mill, the captain of the Orion. While they waited the ship was taken over by a group of droids, and the group heard of a plan to assassinate Serifa Altunen and Koffi Arana. The group fought off the droids and returned the ship to Mill. He told them he might have a job for them later and gave them a communicator with instructions to stay close by.

The adventure picked up with a call coming from Mill to take 6 packages to Sneeve. They are to pick up the cargo and further instructions and leave immediately. They have 4 days to make it there and 6 days to return with proof of delivery to get their 10K credits. They leave and get 6 reinforced containers and a datapad with a series of characters and a landing site. While in transit, they discover that 5 of the containers give off a energy pattern close to that of crystals used for sabers. The other gives off one of datapads. They decide not to open the containers and instead arrive at the site and land. A droid meets them and reports that “the great Sul the Hutt” will meet them. After a few minutes he arrives and gives Hitsugayaa data card which he inserts into their datapad. It changes the characters into “Sul the Hutt” and the party asks him to sign for the goods. Droids proceed up the lift and make it to the hold before Hitsugayarealizes that Sul didn’t sign. A fight breaks out and while Hitsugaya and Bart (later Kosh-Varxyn) fight on the ground, R2-D12 and Shayl fought the Droids. After a good battle, the Hutt was dropped in the doorway, to be pulled in later, the droids sawed into the container and took much of the cargo, only to be deactivated before getting away. Hitsugaya was able to open the hatch on the last one, in the doorway before it was pulled into the hanger. Only 2 Gamorians got away.

The group gathered all the equipment and took off only to be hailed 15 minutes later by another contact that was able to mirror the symbols on their datapad. Hitsugaya and Bart had realized by this point that the card they entered overwrote the screen to give Sul the cargo. From here, with a little more caution, the group landed and met with Ranco. After having dinner, and discovering an issue with their ship, they were hailed again by Ranco requesting a meeting.

They quickly departed the ship only to find him killed on the way to the meeting point. Anther datapad was discovered with information on who to deliver the equipment to next. They again would have just enough time to get there.

And the story continues….



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