Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 6

The group left Sneeve for Bimmisaari with no time to spare. They arrived at the coordinates and were met by a representative of GGLM, who identified the cargo and asked to inspect it. He was surprised that it had been opened. He had droids off-load the cargo while the party waited underground. After several minutes the group, lost contact with their ship and opened the door to find several genosians ready to attack. After a battle with them, a new Battle Droid was sent in, which the party was able to quickly dispatch due to a natural 20 and then some extra 6-sideds. R2-D12 was damaged in the battle and they worked to get it up to the lift, where they saw a dark Jedi and Lett Minek around a corner. They made it to their ship only to find droids cutting through the doors into the Apollo. Another battle ensued which left several people injured and droids trapped in a hallway. The pilot let them know that two humanoids were in the engine room (where the party had hidden crystals from one of the crates).

They immediately made their way to the engine room, as the pilot began the startup procedure. Once off the ground, two escape pods were jettisoned while the droids began disabling the ship from the hall. After disabling the droids, the party was able to return to Coruscant and report in. There had been 3 attempts on the lives of Serifa Altunen and Koffi Arana. The council was disappointed that the trail was left cold, but surprised that one crystal had been saved.

The party was to stay close while the council decided the next move.



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