Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 8

The group reconviened and along with Aja, left for The Dart and Ale. They quickly entered the bar to find Mac there along with some of his ‘friends’. Hitsugaya attempted to cause a distraction which caused chaos in the bar. The image of a person holding a theral detonator caused the patrons to run, Kosh-Varxyn to be distracted and Shayl to hide under a table. Aja also created an illusion of druids securing the doors. Between all these, Mac was told to order his men to stand down, which he did; and they didn’t. Some of them got away in the end, but the group was left with Mac and a few hurt comrades.
Upon leaving the bar, Mac was killed by an altered security protocol. Bart noticed that the doors had been tampered with, but too late. The group got from Mac that he knew the assassin was from Dathomir and was to contact him at his quarters.
The group got his personal items and left.



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