Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 9

The group began dragging Mac’s body back to the transport and then off to his apartment where they were able to get past the security cameras of Mac’s upscale quarters. They arrived to find his door locked and lights disconnected. They dropped the body into a chair and began to explore the area, when Kosh-Varxyn stepped into the hall to be met by a hail of blaster fire. Several more Roderians stepped out and a gunfire ensued. The party was able to fight back, but Aja was locked outside the apartment. A few of the thieves were able to get out a side door and abduct Aja while the group continued to fight. From one of the back rooms, Lett Minek stepped out and force pushed Hitsugaya to the floor. He walked past his own man, dropped a thermal detonator and then walked through a door. His fellow thief stood up and tried to get out the door, but Lett had locked it behind him. The group, unable to stop the detonator, stepped away. Hitsugaya made a last minute attempted to pull the thief from the area but was unsuccessful at winning his trust. This lead to the hall being destroyed by the blast.

The group discovered at this time that Aja had been taken and attempted to follow, but were unable to catch up. Fortunately a com link had fallen from her before leaving the area. Hitsugaya and Bart were able to take it back to the Temple where a code was entered allowing them to follow her to the docking port, where their ship was currently parked.

The group picked up another soldier, 2B named Jeff, and quickly headed to the dock. They traced the signal to a transport ship where Jeff quickly dispatched the four droids. Upon running up the gangway, Hitsugaya and Kosh-Varxyn were momentarily stopped by two shield droids, but were able to dispatch them without dying, however Hitsugaya was in need of Shayl’s assistance. The turrets were activated and before the party’s transport could get out of the way, it was destroyed. Four Advanced Battle droids stepped out of the doors. The Force Users were able to detect the presence of the force within these droids. Their light sabers were unable to do full damage the their blasters also did not work to full strength, however the group was able to get onboard and take out two of the droids before R2-D12 sounded an alarm and left the ship.

The engines fired up and the last droid stepped back into the bridge. Just then the ship lurched forward and most of the party fell. Bart was thrown from the ship, but with many bonus die thrown, and a few force points used, was able to get back on board before Hitsugaya closed the door.

Here we stopped.



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