Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 7

The group reported to the temple and retold their stories over the past month. They were then brought before the Master council, which they had never done before to be told that the council, while mostly happy with their progress, was concerned because the Jedi were unable to build the light saber from the pieces and were also unable to get much information from the crystal. They know it has force properties, but seems to have both positive and negative energy signatures.
The council gave them a lead on Mac Jeek, who they feel was behind or knows of the plot against Master Koffi. They also reveal that there have been several attempts on the lives of the Masters, which has lead them to believe there is a greater force working against the Jedi than a few disgruntled villains.
The group got supplies and credits, as well as an update on their ship and went into the depths of Coruscant.
As they left the temple, they were greeted by an Anzati who wished them luck on their mission. She then entered the temple. Shayl saw her seconds later on the street. The group called back to the temple, but was unsuccessful in rousing the guards to take any action.
Arriving at the Undercity, they found the way in, but attempted first to by-pass the security. They were ambushed by some scoundrels whom all but one eventually got away. They got some information on how to get in, recovered communications link, but then the last scoundrel was blown up. They also recovered some id cards from the last thief. The group decided not to continue talking to the unknown contact at the other end of the link and choose instead to throw it over the ledge. They made their way through the security check point and on to the bar.
The bar was a very upscale bar that seemed out of place. On this end of the landing platform the stores were of modest status, but in the opposite direction the area made all the characters feel uneasy as it did not seem safe.
Shayl entered the bar first and ordered a drink; Hitsugaya entered but spent his time looking over the menu. Bart entered and after ordering an expensive drink or two was able to have the bartender point out Mac Jeek. Bart took Mac’s favorite drink to him and eventually got him to come over and talk. Mak thanked him for the drink and asked what he wanted. Bart told him, that he was looking for information on the assassination attempt of Koffi. While Mak didn’t say he know anything, he asked why Bart wanted to know. Bart told him that he was looking for information for security reasons. Mac then stated, “so the information I give you, you will give to the police.” Bart asked what that would cost and Mak gave him the price of 2000 credits. Bart agreed and was told to come back in 2 days.
They all left the bar, separately, but Hitsugaya was charged in the end “cover charges” before he could exit the security. After meeting on the platform, they decided to go back to the temple and report in. Hitsugaya was told by one of the masters that the council had several leads on Mac, but all the parties either lost him or were killed. She suggested that his team go back quickly. They also discovered that the Anzati was Aja Moren and would likely be assigned to their team. She was known as a worthy Jedi, with special talents in illusions. She also liked to “lighten the mood” of many of her colleagues as they were often far too serious.
Here we stopped for the night.



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