Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 3

Group landed on Honoghr and met with the head of operations, Gar Told who was friendly and seemed very interested in their past adventures.  After some fear passed that he was “testing” them, they passed on some information.  They were instructed to go to the rec area and wait the approximately 12 hours it would take to get their cargo loaded.  The party then went to the rec room watching for groups of people and getting the lay of the area.  They then went on to a suite where they discovered through a computer terminal that they were supposed to pick up prototype boards for droids and deliver them to the Hutts.  They were invited to dinner by Gar and each recanted their past planets with some falsehoods.  After some persuasion, Gar gave the party a shorten tour of the area above level E and expressed interest in traveling.  From there the party decided to go back to their room and discuss options.

It was decide to find the crew of the Apollo and get them drunk then attempt to commandeer the ship after it was loaded, knowing they still had to complete much of their mission.  Upon finding the crew in the bar area they proceeded to get them drunk and Hitsugaya discovered he recognized the Captain, Master Hybick.  The party returned to their room and then found the Master, who, with his padawan discussed his mission, to get Gar out of his current situation as he was an informant.  This needed to be done without tipping the hand of the operations so Gar would not be hunted down later.  The Master informed them that he would get word to Gar to get them access to the lower levels and delay their trip out.  The plan is still evolving, but… we stopped.

Chapter 2

The party started with Debin and were given specifics about the crew of the ship and access codes. He reported he was unable to do anything about the slave. A datapad was given to the group with some information on the factory, orders, contacts and journal entries. After meeting with Valara, who told them she was sorry they made such a promise, but there was little she could do. She suggested meeting with the Hutt, who the party knew would arrive in about 10 days.

The party prepared to wait for several days when the ship ( Halo2) that Bart used to be a member of landed. Some of the crew (Han Burke, captain) had a private meeting with Debin and even though they were supposed to leave after one day, stayed for a second. Another ship the Apollo landed during that second day.

Hitsugaya had a private meeting with the slave, Corell who was put off by them not helping him. Several new monitoring devices and upgraded security was also in place at the bar. Corell did let him know that he did not know the crew from Halo2 or why they were able to get in to talk to Debin directly. He had no information on the Apollo.

The Halo2 took off before anyone could confront Bart’s old crew and the next morning the Apollo was also gone. The Pellen Garde landed, right after everyone was healed and the battle ensued with the crew as Debin had reported. Kosh-Varxyn and R2-D12 were injured, but the party was able to liberate the Pellen Garde and get airborne. Codes were found for the factory along with a cargo manifest to be picked up.

The party arrived at Honoghr after skirting Hutt space for 3 days and healing. The codes worked and they saw the Apollo sitting on the landing platform just before they landed.

And we stopped….

Chapter 1

The group met on the landing pad and introduced themselves and their role in the mission. Landing on the moon of Lannik they found the place much like intel reported. They immediately tried to splice a terminal to discover the ships and their history in the hanger area. They gained some information, before they were discovered by a pair of modified battle droids. These were quickly taken down however, not before some of the other crews had noticed them. One ship left in the battle and another crew watched from cover.

From here they made their way to the market where Hitsugaya assisted a twilek pan-handler to give them some information. They discovered: 1)Their credits were no good here , 2) the jedi’s stood out, 3) the person they wanted to see was in the bar. They were able to trade for some metal (currency) and went to the bar. While the bar keep asked them what they wanted, they decided to approach the guards directly and tried to “force” the guards to let them in, over estimating their padawan power, they failed. Again the barkeep ask if they wanted something to drink and they struck up a conversation.

Corell informed them that he was a slave and would help them if they got him an audience with ‘the prophet’. After some threats and further discussion, they agreed and were let back to see Debin Karre who told them that they could not borrow Zell’s ship, they could not defeat the prophet and to leave him alone. The party thought they knew the ship they needed, but discovered that he already had a ship going to that planet within four days and they obviously didn’t have enough money to book passage on it.

The party left after getting the position of the prophet and met Valara Saar who was obviously powerful, yet not as knowledgeable in the nuances of the force. She gave them advice over where to find the information they sought and that Debin had most of and agreed to help Corell, if he could make it to her. She trained Shayl in some advanced healing techniques and was gone when they awoke in the morning.

Traveling back to the refueling site, they again made contact with Corell who told them he could not travel to her hut as it was too far away. Kosh-Varxyn then decided to try and buy him, which Debin reported that “yesterday you wanted to borrow my boss’s ship and I said no, Now you want to borrow his slave and I will say NO. Hitsugaya attempted to befriended him with the force, which failed miserably and a fight broke out. Shayl was able to pull away a blaster before he was in trouble, Bart and Kosh-Varxyn both fell, and Hitsugaya was about to engage Debin when he pulled out a detonator ready to blow the whole place up. He finally ‘surrendered’ and this is where we stopped.


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