Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 1

The group met on the landing pad and introduced themselves and their role in the mission. Landing on the moon of Lannik they found the place much like intel reported. They immediately tried to splice a terminal to discover the ships and their history in the hanger area. They gained some information, before they were discovered by a pair of modified battle droids. These were quickly taken down however, not before some of the other crews had noticed them. One ship left in the battle and another crew watched from cover.

From here they made their way to the market where Hitsugaya assisted a twilek pan-handler to give them some information. They discovered: 1)Their credits were no good here , 2) the jedi’s stood out, 3) the person they wanted to see was in the bar. They were able to trade for some metal (currency) and went to the bar. While the bar keep asked them what they wanted, they decided to approach the guards directly and tried to “force” the guards to let them in, over estimating their padawan power, they failed. Again the barkeep ask if they wanted something to drink and they struck up a conversation.

Corell informed them that he was a slave and would help them if they got him an audience with ‘the prophet’. After some threats and further discussion, they agreed and were let back to see Debin Karre who told them that they could not borrow Zell’s ship, they could not defeat the prophet and to leave him alone. The party thought they knew the ship they needed, but discovered that he already had a ship going to that planet within four days and they obviously didn’t have enough money to book passage on it.

The party left after getting the position of the prophet and met Valara Saar who was obviously powerful, yet not as knowledgeable in the nuances of the force. She gave them advice over where to find the information they sought and that Debin had most of and agreed to help Corell, if he could make it to her. She trained Shayl in some advanced healing techniques and was gone when they awoke in the morning.

Traveling back to the refueling site, they again made contact with Corell who told them he could not travel to her hut as it was too far away. Kosh-Varxyn then decided to try and buy him, which Debin reported that “yesterday you wanted to borrow my boss’s ship and I said no, Now you want to borrow his slave and I will say NO. Hitsugaya attempted to befriended him with the force, which failed miserably and a fight broke out. Shayl was able to pull away a blaster before he was in trouble, Bart and Kosh-Varxyn both fell, and Hitsugaya was about to engage Debin when he pulled out a detonator ready to blow the whole place up. He finally ‘surrendered’ and this is where we stopped.

Chapter 2

The party started with Debin and were given specifics about the crew of the ship and access codes. He reported he was unable to do anything about the slave. A datapad was given to the group with some information on the factory, orders, contacts and journal entries. After meeting with Valara, who told them she was sorry they made such a promise, but there was little she could do. She suggested meeting with the Hutt, who the party knew would arrive in about 10 days.

The party prepared to wait for several days when the ship ( Halo2) that Bart used to be a member of landed. Some of the crew (Han Burke, captain) had a private meeting with Debin and even though they were supposed to leave after one day, stayed for a second. Another ship the Apollo landed during that second day.

Hitsugaya had a private meeting with the slave, Corell who was put off by them not helping him. Several new monitoring devices and upgraded security was also in place at the bar. Corell did let him know that he did not know the crew from Halo2 or why they were able to get in to talk to Debin directly. He had no information on the Apollo.

The Halo2 took off before anyone could confront Bart’s old crew and the next morning the Apollo was also gone. The Pellen Garde landed, right after everyone was healed and the battle ensued with the crew as Debin had reported. Kosh-Varxyn and R2-D12 were injured, but the party was able to liberate the Pellen Garde and get airborne. Codes were found for the factory along with a cargo manifest to be picked up.

The party arrived at Honoghr after skirting Hutt space for 3 days and healing. The codes worked and they saw the Apollo sitting on the landing platform just before they landed.

And we stopped….

Chapter 3

Group landed on Honoghr and met with the head of operations, Gar Told who was friendly and seemed very interested in their past adventures.  After some fear passed that he was “testing” them, they passed on some information.  They were instructed to go to the rec area and wait the approximately 12 hours it would take to get their cargo loaded.  The party then went to the rec room watching for groups of people and getting the lay of the area.  They then went on to a suite where they discovered through a computer terminal that they were supposed to pick up prototype boards for droids and deliver them to the Hutts.  They were invited to dinner by Gar and each recanted their past planets with some falsehoods.  After some persuasion, Gar gave the party a shorten tour of the area above level E and expressed interest in traveling.  From there the party decided to go back to their room and discuss options.

It was decide to find the crew of the Apollo and get them drunk then attempt to commandeer the ship after it was loaded, knowing they still had to complete much of their mission.  Upon finding the crew in the bar area they proceeded to get them drunk and Hitsugaya discovered he recognized the Captain, Master Hybick.  The party returned to their room and then found the Master, who, with his padawan discussed his mission, to get Gar out of his current situation as he was an informant.  This needed to be done without tipping the hand of the operations so Gar would not be hunted down later.  The Master informed them that he would get word to Gar to get them access to the lower levels and delay their trip out.  The plan is still evolving, but… we stopped.

Chapter 4

The group begins making plans when Kosh-Varxyn makes friends with a former associated of the caption of the Apollo. The group gets him on their ship and kills him, even though he does not lethally attack them. They then discover they can get to the lower levels and make their way down the lift to encounter a lab and some advanced droids. They get some prototypes and some equipment and then hear a battle down the hall. Hybick and his patawan are in battle with Minick. Hitsugaya runs down only to see Hybick killed and his saber taken. As they exit onto the platform, their old ship explodes and they escape in the Apollo. They make their way back to Coruscant and explain what happened on their mission.

Chapter 5

The group had previously returned to Coruscant to report back to the council and return Gar Told. They were told to pursue a lead with a smuggler’s group on Coruscant to discover the whereabouts of Lett. The group met with a smuggler named Bata Mill, the captain of the Orion. While they waited the ship was taken over by a group of droids, and the group heard of a plan to assassinate Serifa Altunen and Koffi Arana. The group fought off the droids and returned the ship to Mill. He told them he might have a job for them later and gave them a communicator with instructions to stay close by.

The adventure picked up with a call coming from Mill to take 6 packages to Sneeve. They are to pick up the cargo and further instructions and leave immediately. They have 4 days to make it there and 6 days to return with proof of delivery to get their 10K credits. They leave and get 6 reinforced containers and a datapad with a series of characters and a landing site. While in transit, they discover that 5 of the containers give off a energy pattern close to that of crystals used for sabers. The other gives off one of datapads. They decide not to open the containers and instead arrive at the site and land. A droid meets them and reports that “the great Sul the Hutt” will meet them. After a few minutes he arrives and gives Hitsugayaa data card which he inserts into their datapad. It changes the characters into “Sul the Hutt” and the party asks him to sign for the goods. Droids proceed up the lift and make it to the hold before Hitsugayarealizes that Sul didn’t sign. A fight breaks out and while Hitsugaya and Bart (later Kosh-Varxyn) fight on the ground, R2-D12 and Shayl fought the Droids. After a good battle, the Hutt was dropped in the doorway, to be pulled in later, the droids sawed into the container and took much of the cargo, only to be deactivated before getting away. Hitsugaya was able to open the hatch on the last one, in the doorway before it was pulled into the hanger. Only 2 Gamorians got away.

The group gathered all the equipment and took off only to be hailed 15 minutes later by another contact that was able to mirror the symbols on their datapad. Hitsugaya and Bart had realized by this point that the card they entered overwrote the screen to give Sul the cargo. From here, with a little more caution, the group landed and met with Ranco. After having dinner, and discovering an issue with their ship, they were hailed again by Ranco requesting a meeting.

They quickly departed the ship only to find him killed on the way to the meeting point. Anther datapad was discovered with information on who to deliver the equipment to next. They again would have just enough time to get there.

And the story continues….

Chapter 6

The group left Sneeve for Bimmisaari with no time to spare. They arrived at the coordinates and were met by a representative of GGLM, who identified the cargo and asked to inspect it. He was surprised that it had been opened. He had droids off-load the cargo while the party waited underground. After several minutes the group, lost contact with their ship and opened the door to find several genosians ready to attack. After a battle with them, a new Battle Droid was sent in, which the party was able to quickly dispatch due to a natural 20 and then some extra 6-sideds. R2-D12 was damaged in the battle and they worked to get it up to the lift, where they saw a dark Jedi and Lett Minek around a corner. They made it to their ship only to find droids cutting through the doors into the Apollo. Another battle ensued which left several people injured and droids trapped in a hallway. The pilot let them know that two humanoids were in the engine room (where the party had hidden crystals from one of the crates).

They immediately made their way to the engine room, as the pilot began the startup procedure. Once off the ground, two escape pods were jettisoned while the droids began disabling the ship from the hall. After disabling the droids, the party was able to return to Coruscant and report in. There had been 3 attempts on the lives of Serifa Altunen and Koffi Arana. The council was disappointed that the trail was left cold, but surprised that one crystal had been saved.

The party was to stay close while the council decided the next move.

Chapter 7

The group reported to the temple and retold their stories over the past month. They were then brought before the Master council, which they had never done before to be told that the council, while mostly happy with their progress, was concerned because the Jedi were unable to build the light saber from the pieces and were also unable to get much information from the crystal. They know it has force properties, but seems to have both positive and negative energy signatures.
The council gave them a lead on Mac Jeek, who they feel was behind or knows of the plot against Master Koffi. They also reveal that there have been several attempts on the lives of the Masters, which has lead them to believe there is a greater force working against the Jedi than a few disgruntled villains.
The group got supplies and credits, as well as an update on their ship and went into the depths of Coruscant.
As they left the temple, they were greeted by an Anzati who wished them luck on their mission. She then entered the temple. Shayl saw her seconds later on the street. The group called back to the temple, but was unsuccessful in rousing the guards to take any action.
Arriving at the Undercity, they found the way in, but attempted first to by-pass the security. They were ambushed by some scoundrels whom all but one eventually got away. They got some information on how to get in, recovered communications link, but then the last scoundrel was blown up. They also recovered some id cards from the last thief. The group decided not to continue talking to the unknown contact at the other end of the link and choose instead to throw it over the ledge. They made their way through the security check point and on to the bar.
The bar was a very upscale bar that seemed out of place. On this end of the landing platform the stores were of modest status, but in the opposite direction the area made all the characters feel uneasy as it did not seem safe.
Shayl entered the bar first and ordered a drink; Hitsugaya entered but spent his time looking over the menu. Bart entered and after ordering an expensive drink or two was able to have the bartender point out Mac Jeek. Bart took Mac’s favorite drink to him and eventually got him to come over and talk. Mak thanked him for the drink and asked what he wanted. Bart told him, that he was looking for information on the assassination attempt of Koffi. While Mak didn’t say he know anything, he asked why Bart wanted to know. Bart told him that he was looking for information for security reasons. Mac then stated, “so the information I give you, you will give to the police.” Bart asked what that would cost and Mak gave him the price of 2000 credits. Bart agreed and was told to come back in 2 days.
They all left the bar, separately, but Hitsugaya was charged in the end “cover charges” before he could exit the security. After meeting on the platform, they decided to go back to the temple and report in. Hitsugaya was told by one of the masters that the council had several leads on Mac, but all the parties either lost him or were killed. She suggested that his team go back quickly. They also discovered that the Anzati was Aja Moren and would likely be assigned to their team. She was known as a worthy Jedi, with special talents in illusions. She also liked to “lighten the mood” of many of her colleagues as they were often far too serious.
Here we stopped for the night.

Chapter 8

The group reconviened and along with Aja, left for The Dart and Ale. They quickly entered the bar to find Mac there along with some of his ‘friends’. Hitsugaya attempted to cause a distraction which caused chaos in the bar. The image of a person holding a theral detonator caused the patrons to run, Kosh-Varxyn to be distracted and Shayl to hide under a table. Aja also created an illusion of druids securing the doors. Between all these, Mac was told to order his men to stand down, which he did; and they didn’t. Some of them got away in the end, but the group was left with Mac and a few hurt comrades.
Upon leaving the bar, Mac was killed by an altered security protocol. Bart noticed that the doors had been tampered with, but too late. The group got from Mac that he knew the assassin was from Dathomir and was to contact him at his quarters.
The group got his personal items and left.

Chapter 9

The group began dragging Mac’s body back to the transport and then off to his apartment where they were able to get past the security cameras of Mac’s upscale quarters. They arrived to find his door locked and lights disconnected. They dropped the body into a chair and began to explore the area, when Kosh-Varxyn stepped into the hall to be met by a hail of blaster fire. Several more Roderians stepped out and a gunfire ensued. The party was able to fight back, but Aja was locked outside the apartment. A few of the thieves were able to get out a side door and abduct Aja while the group continued to fight. From one of the back rooms, Lett Minek stepped out and force pushed Hitsugaya to the floor. He walked past his own man, dropped a thermal detonator and then walked through a door. His fellow thief stood up and tried to get out the door, but Lett had locked it behind him. The group, unable to stop the detonator, stepped away. Hitsugaya made a last minute attempted to pull the thief from the area but was unsuccessful at winning his trust. This lead to the hall being destroyed by the blast.

The group discovered at this time that Aja had been taken and attempted to follow, but were unable to catch up. Fortunately a com link had fallen from her before leaving the area. Hitsugaya and Bart were able to take it back to the Temple where a code was entered allowing them to follow her to the docking port, where their ship was currently parked.

The group picked up another soldier, 2B named Jeff, and quickly headed to the dock. They traced the signal to a transport ship where Jeff quickly dispatched the four droids. Upon running up the gangway, Hitsugaya and Kosh-Varxyn were momentarily stopped by two shield droids, but were able to dispatch them without dying, however Hitsugaya was in need of Shayl’s assistance. The turrets were activated and before the party’s transport could get out of the way, it was destroyed. Four Advanced Battle droids stepped out of the doors. The Force Users were able to detect the presence of the force within these droids. Their light sabers were unable to do full damage the their blasters also did not work to full strength, however the group was able to get onboard and take out two of the droids before R2-D12 sounded an alarm and left the ship.

The engines fired up and the last droid stepped back into the bridge. Just then the ship lurched forward and most of the party fell. Bart was thrown from the ship, but with many bonus die thrown, and a few force points used, was able to get back on board before Hitsugaya closed the door.

Here we stopped.

Chapter 10

As the engines fired, the party closed the loading doors and felt the ship enter a normal flight pattern. With a little work they were able to open doors to the bridge and took out the remaining battle droids. Bart, believing he could single handedly fly the ship, threatened to take out the pilots, but thought better of that and instead began downloading the ship’s flight plans. The rest of the party searched for Aja and found her bound in the aft hold. The party made a successful landing “in escape pods” after the pilots had previously ejected. The ship hit the ground and exploded.

The group was rescued by their pilot and taken back to Coruscant where they were healed and sent back to the crash site.

Bart and the group visited one club but after attempting to make an ill placed bet was unable to get more information. Hitsugaya then paid a dancer well for a performance where he recived a happy ending of information. The group left to visit a lower rent establishiment were Bart again attempted to get some more information, but was unsuccessful, except at raising concern of the local patrons. Bart left first and was followed. Hitsugaya and Jeff left to chase the people following Bart and Shayl and Kosh-Varxyn followed last watching another group following Hitsugaya and Jeff. Hitsugaya and Jeff caught up with those following Bart while trying to loose their chasers and began questioning them. Aja produced a large cash of credits which caused the group to give up some information, basically pointing them back to the crash site and the value of the battle droids. Our heroes left at which time, it was discovered that the credits were not real, but our group escaped in the crowd.


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