Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 11

The group hovered over the crash site of the Eclipse to discover Hutts, Genosian, and Techno-union as well as several other groups of scavengers trying to break into the ship. They landed away from the site and walked into the center of the area to scan for Force users.

They discovered one, briefly within the Techno Union camp, but were unable to discern anything from it. They scanned the area of the site which contained the bridge and were able to discover the best site to enter the ship, which none of the other groups had yet found.
Hitsugaya struck a deal with a band of scavengers lead by Itsa, a Tyderian, who agreed to give the party the second pick for the information of where to dig. Our hero’s agreed and the excavation began. At this point Master Jedi Dukoo surprised the party by appearing from the Techno Union camp. He reported that he was attempting to strike a deal with several groups but were on the losing end in a bidding war with the Hutts. He reported he had just arrived from the battle of Galidrann where the Jedi were on the losing side.

He inquired to the plan once the party had the droids, to which there was no working plan, he took Aja aside and soon reported that he might have a solution. He and Aja left the site to go back to the Techno Union camp. Hours passed when the hull was opened and Aja was alerted to the situation. Hitsugaya and Bart stood guard while Jeff and Shayl entered the wreck. It took some time to find the droids but they did, along with the use of the force were able to secure a complete, but broken droid. While they were within the wreck Hitsugaya and Bart guarded the door from Genosians who were attempting to enter the breach. Then Hitsugaya heard several explosions. Just as Shayl and Jeff were nearing the exit, a Techno craft hovered over the site and destroyed all the Genosians, then landed. A broken Aja and Dukoo stepped out and inquired about the rest of the droids. Shayl reported that there were two more underground as Dukoo instructed Aja to follow him into the wreck. Moments later they resurfaced with the other droids. Simultaneously the Pilot radioed that the Apollo was under attack and he was barricading himself in the bridge. Dukoo dropped off the party at the Apollo and reported he was taken the droids to the council. Aja stepped off with half a droid strapped to her back.

A running battle ensued to regain the Apollo from a multitude of Geniosians who were on the second and third decks. Hitsugaya and Bart took to the bridge, eventually freed the pilot and R2D12. Shayl, Jeff and Aja took to the engines and thanks to Jeff’s laser sighting and ability to have a death range of ½ the distance to the engines; they were able to take back the engine room. Aja fell, but was brought back by Shayl.

Our hero’s made it back to the bridge while the pilot took off headed back to Coruscant, where they reported to the council. The Jedi council was unaware that Dukoo was present and reported that he had not made it back yet. They took the droid and suggested that the group heal and prepare to leave once their next orders were issued.
We stopped here for the night.



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