Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 25 - New Start

The party started out on Coresont. After a long rest (so Hitsugaya can power his crystal) the Neal was called on by his benefactor. BTW – Doug 0, Lightsaber 3.

The benefactor had a lead on how to translate the script on box. A data crystal was being held by Troy Talbott and would trade for a datapad that the benefactor gave him. After a few coarse words, Neal left and went back to the Council to meet with the rest of the party.
As soon as he arrived, Hitsugaya was summoned to the Chambers and given the new assignment. He was told of “Sun Dust” on the moon of Mandalor (Concordia). Further he was informed that due to the issues that had plagued his group, they were adding two other Jedi. Anara an expert on the dusk and Jorge another Jedi Knight. They were issued 2 scanners for use with the dust and an unmarked transport, which was fueled and ready for departure. The council issued them 750 credits for additional purchases along with holo disguises. They were to investigate, lay low and not interfere.

Hitsugaya left the chamber with his new allies and introduced them to the rest of the group. Anara was covered with tribal tattoos that were marked with bright orange dust. She looked to be very young and always covered her body with her robes. Only her chin was visible.

The group left for Concordia and found a large festival going on. They encountered several different groups. Some believing in the dust, others stating it was too powerful. Some blamed the government, others the Republic.

The group witnessed a speaker on the largest stage who claimed to be Mandalor the Victorious. He claimed the dust should be made public as it gave the people ‘jedi like’ abilities. He was able to captivate the masses with his speech.

Heal quickly split off and discovered Tim who he believed to start out pleasant then become extremely rude. He seemed to know things about Neal, that he shouldn’t. Tim believe d that the dust was too powerful and should not be allowed to the public. He discovered that there were two council people from Mandalor present at the gathering and he went to get an audience with Councilman Talbott.

The rest of the group explored the crowd and came across Tim who revealed that he had been exposed to the Dusk. Anara was able to help him and reported that this was the first person she felt was exposed to the dust in the crowd. Tim was a miner that was exposed in an accident. The group realized that his exposure occurred at the same time as their explosion. It didn’t occur to them that he had yet to go crazy with his exposure!

The group met back and exchanged information and set out for Neal’s meeting. He arrived and left all his weapons with Hitsugaya. He was taken back to see the councilman, who realized he was not there to discuss the initial topic. Neal had a private audience with him and believed he saw the same outfit that Mandalor the Victorious was wearing, but they did not look anything alike. Neal exchanged the datapad for the crystal. He was also told that the Mandorian Council did not believe the dust was a good thing. Neal offered to help Troy directly if it was needed.

The group met back up and after some time heard that Mandalor the Victorious was to speak again at midnight. Soon after a young man approached Neal and whispered to him that Mandalor the Victorious could use his assistance and to meet at the main stage at 11:30.

Neal shared, after Anara assisted in clearing his mind of the dust, that he was asked to help. The group decided to take a position outside the main city away from the crowd and watch the activities. At midnight nothing happened, then later a man began to speak. About that same time a ship flanked the group and dropped off two dragons, who immediately attacked the party. After quickly dropping one, the Mother came over the ridge and also attacked. They continued until the dragons were able to flee the scene. Moments after the battle, Anara passed out as dust was dropped on the entire crowd. A little later their ship arrived at the scene.



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