Star Wars - Jedi in the Field

Chapter 12

Previously, the party had destroyed it’s only obvious way into the upper levels. Several droids attacked us but we managed to get into a droid service elevator… one at a time.

The elevator let us out on a catwalk. MORE droids attacked us. At one point, Eric was captured and carried off. We didn’t know it, but Eric deftly hacked the droid that had him and begin to sneak back to the fight. At the same time, the fight was a decided stalemate. Then Doug was dropped and captured and we were worn down even as Lett Minik showed up. He told us to surrender… but we didn’t. After a round or two, he told us to surrender again. Neal offered to surrender in exchange for healing… and the Healer got angry. :)

Anger leads to the Dark Side… so the Healer Force Choked Lett Minik. :)

Unfortunately, we had no choice… we had to surrender… and we are now all captured.



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